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Sea-Doo Supercharger Rebuild Service

Product #: SCRS

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FAST Turnaround
Uses Highest Quality OEM parts
No-Fault Warranty Available!
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Original Starting Price: $845.00

SPECIAL Price: $0.00



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Sea-Doo Superchargers require a rebuild every 100 hours or 2 years (which ever comes first).  This is a full rebuild service for Sea-Doo Superchargers; you purchase this item, remove your supercharger and send to us. We will rebuild it and send it back.


There are 3 primary reasons to rebuild your supercharger:

  1. Prevent bearing failure.  The impeller spins are speeds up to 50,000 RPM, and the bearings are rated at 2 years or 100 hours.
  2. Prevent washer failure.  As the clutch wears, inducing additional friction and heat to the washers, which can cause a catastrophic failure.
  3. Restore Lost Performance.  When the clutch slips, the supercharger isn't able to make full boost, thus robbing your engine of performance.

We use only the latest Genuine Sea-Doo OEM Parts to restore the integrity of your Sea-Doo Supercharger. 



We can ship out of the US for the additional cost of shipping.

Turn around time is very quick; we usually have each supercharger rebuilt within 3 business days of receiving your unit. We also offer an expedite if you are in more of a rush.  Powder Coating will add an extra day.



Performance Impeller - We will install any performance impeller purchased at the time of rebuild for no additional charge.  Click Here for a list of Sea-Doo Supercharger Impellers.

Warranty Information

Our service comes with a 30 day inspection guarantee.  Our guarantee covers the rebuild, use of OEM parts, and assembly to specification. The rebuild is preformed with special attention to torque settings and slip-movement of the clutch, and we guarantee the bearings and clutch are in exact tolerance for your supercharger.  Since we cannot prevent improper installation of the supercharger or improper user operation of the ski, our guarantee does not cover use.  If you would like more protection, we are offering No-Fault Warranties that cover you for everything except external physical damage of your supercharger.  If you wear out your clutch and go over 100 hours during your warranty coverage, we'll fix it or repair it for free.  Add the supercharger rebuild service to cart to see more information on our No-Fault Warranties!

We recommend a full oil change at the time of service. You can purchase our oil change kit here: 4tec oil change kit


Do you use metal washers?
YES! We do NOT use ceramic washers; only the latest heavy duty hardened steel washers made by Sea-Doo are used in our rebuilds.


Do you use the "200 hour" kit?
We use the latest rebuild kit from Sea-Doo, which BRP has rated at 200 hours.  However, we still VERY STRONGLY recommend continuing to rebuild every 100 hours or 2 years.  These kits are identical to the older "100 hour" kits, and were rated higher for market purposes.


Do you use 100% OEM Parts?
Yes.  We do not use (and do not recommend) aftermarket parts.  We use only the latest OEM rebuild kits from Sea-Doo, which include the latest heavy duty hardened steel washers.


How do I remove my supercharger?
Great question!  This can be pretty easily done with just a few tools at home.  The job is straight forward and there isn't really anything to mess up.  This video shows how to remove a Sea-Doo Supercharger on an RXP, however the process is the same for the RXT and GTX as well. 


Can you diagnose my supercharger before rebuilding?
Yes.  We take a look at each supercharger before rebuild.  If we notice you are missing components (meaning they dropped into your engine), you will be informed. 


How long is turnaround time?
Our rebuilds are typically completed within 10 days (and many times faster) after they are received.  We ship FEDEX.  If you need faster return shipping, please expedite your order..


How do I ship the supercharger?
Once you check out, print your receipt.  We recommend using USPS large box for shipping.  Place the receipt in the box and ship us your supercharger.  Our address is found at the bottom of this page, but we will also send you an email with shipping instructions.  You pay for shipping it to us. 


Do you service superchargers from Australia?
Absolutely! Shipping will be an additional $60 USD. Please call or email us to order: / 888.605.2335


What do I need to reinstall?
Add a dab of marine grease around the orings on the supercharger, reinstall, and you're good to go! This grease is just used to help the orings create a better seal and prevent oil from potentially leaking.


Have more questions? Give us a call!  888-605-2335

Additional Info

Additional Info

Product # SCRS
Manufacturer PWC Muscle


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