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Yamaha FZR SVHO Parts

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  • Impeller Shaft Tool SHO/HO/FZR/FZS/GP1800

    Drive shaft holder tool required for changing impeller.
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  • RIVA Yamaha SVHO/SHO Performance Blow-off Valve Kit

    Our Performance Blow-off Valve Kit improves supercharger reliability and performance by relieving unwanted pressure during off-throttle operation. Reduces supercharger clutch & gear wear and eliminates heat soak in discharge tube. High-strength silicone hose with integrated HKS valve installs easily in place of OEM elbow joint. Includes high quality HKS Super SQV (Super Sequential Blow-off Valve) that features unique sequential valve structure an...
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    Our Super-Duty ‘GEN-3’ Supercharger Shaft Kit provides the ultimate in reliability for high boost applications. Kit features a revolutionary hydraulic shaft stabilization bearing that limits shaft deflection and wear. Bearing stabilizes end of supercharger shaft via high pressure oil film dramatically increasing the stability of the system. Hydraulic end bearing and one-piece shaft bearing are fed by a through-shaft oiling system providing supe...
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    Regular Price: $499.95

    Special Price $489.95

  • WORX SVHO / SHO Ribbon Delete WR04001

    Fits all Yamaha supercharged engines and 2013+ naturally aspirated engines. Including GP1800 Replaces the restrictive mesh element in the intake manifold. It increases air flow to the engine, maximizing horsepower. Constructed from billet for extra durability and strength Tapered design to allow more air flow Suits all Supercharger models and all 13+ N/A Models
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  • WORX Yamaha Trim Extension SVHO VXR FX GP1800

    Fits 2015+ Yamaha VXR and 2015+ Yamaha FX SVHO and GP1800 Increases trim range to bring the nose of your boat higher and increase speed!
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  • RIVA Yamaha GP 1800 / VXR / VXS Billet Driveshaft Sleeve Kits

    Direct heavy-duty replacement for original thin rubber hose. Anodized to prevent corrosion. High quality AH&E silicone couplers. Overlapping clamp design features smooth inner surface to prevent coupler damage. Recommended for all performance applications. Our precision machined Billet Driveshaft Sleeve is a direct replacement for the thin factory rubber hose that is prone to distortion and failure. Sleeve is constructed of 6...
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    Our Yamaha 2015+ VXR/VXS, FX SVHO rear exhaust kit will eliminate any exhaust restriction, increase engine performance and give your Ski the “This means business look” with the Huge 3 inch Billet anodised outlet. Moulded Black silicone hose for easy installBillet anodised black 3 inch exhaust outletBillet anodised block off plateEliminates restrictive sound suppression bafflesSilicone hose reduces exhaust resonance and droningA must ...
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    Regular Price: $359.00

    Special Price $349.00

  • WORX SHO/SVHO 2 deg Trim Wedge VXR FX GP1800

    2 Degree Trim wedge for 1.8 Yamaha SHO/SVHO Jet pumps for increased trim for more top speed
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  • RIVA Yamaha FZR/FZS SVHO 2014-17 Pump Seal Kit for RIVA Intake Grate

    Dramatically reduce cavitation and prop spin with our easy to install Pump Seal Kits. Location specific, molded inserts fill the voids in OEM pump inlet shoe that bleed air into pump causing cavitation. Recommended for modified craft using aftermarket intake grates. Includes detailed installation instructions.
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    Larger openings for increased water flow into engine for lower engine temps Suits any late model 160mm jet unit
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  • Yamaha SHO / SVHO Power Filter Kit 2012-17

    Our Power Filter feeds your supercharged 'SHO' engine a steady diet of cool air delivering greatly improved acceleration and rpm. Replaces restrictive stock air box with a high-volume, precision-formed intake duct that attaches to the supercharger via a large 4” adapter. Cool air enters the system via an oversized K&N filter element. Includes water-repellent pre-filter. For use with 2017~12 FX-SHO & FX-SHO Cruiser.
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  • RIVA Stainless Steel Wear Ring for Yamaha 160mm/6ET-51312-00-00

    Our heavy-duty, 100% stainless steel wear rings/impeller liners are the perfect replacement for your damaged original unit. Durable solid stainless steel construction resists debris damage and saltwater corrosion. Original Yamaha wear ring is constructed of cast aluminum with a thin stainless steel liner that is pressed into place. Corrosion quickly develops between the dissimilar metals swelling the thin liner until it closes down and jams again...
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    Tapered offset to match OEM reduction nozzle Creates even pressure in reduction nozzle too reduce pump cavitation Increased acceleration, drive and top speed Suits all ‘4 bolt’ 1.8 Yamaha pump models
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    Regular Price: $144.00

    Special Price $140.00

  • RIVA Gen 3 Intercooler w TiAL BOV

    The All New RIVA GEN 3 Yamaha SHO/SVHO Power Cooler Kit (intercooler system) features a huge cooler element that is rated for up to 600hp! High capacity cooler core resists heat soak under the most demanding high boost/high temperature applications. Delivers an increase of 20 peak horsepower over OEM intercooler providing arm-wrenching results on the water! Quality manufacturing of cooler core delivers minimal pressure drops and excellent thermal...
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  • RIVA Yamaha SVHO F1 Supercharger Impeller - 17 PSI

    Presenting the ultimate (drop-in) supercharger impeller for the Yamaha SVHO Engine! Designed to deliver more horsepower and torque throughout the RPM range resulting in excellent acceleration and top speed. Precision machined from billet aluminum to ensure exact tolerances and anodized to prevent corrosion. All new blade design is optimized aerodynamically and high speed balanced for smooth operation. Installs easily into stock supercharger housi...
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  • RIVA Yamaha FZR/FZS SVHO Speed Control Override Module

    Key Features: Removes restrictive speed limiter system. Increases top speed utilizing stock ECU. Delivers 3~4mph with no additional modifications. Allows further top speed gains through aftermarket modifications. All original dash functions are retained. Does not interfere with speedometer functionality. Easy plug-in installation. Applications: Yamaha FZR/FZS SVHO models only. NOTE: 2014 Yamaha FX SVHO models do not have factory s...
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  • RIVA/Solas Stainless Steel Pump, Yamaha/6ET, 160mm/12-vein

    Our 160mm Race Pump delivers increased acceleration & top speed along with reduced cavitation. Designed for high performance applications that exceed the limits of original pump efficiency. Features computer designed 160mm/12-vein stator section that is far more efficient than stock 155mm/8-vein pump. Constructed of high grade stainless steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance. Utilizes OEM bearings, seals and driveshaft.
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    Regular Price: $999.95

    Special Price $989.95

  • RIVA Cylinder Head Stud Kit Yamaha 1.8L Engines

    Superior material & heat treat process provide 10X better fatigue strength than OEM bolts. Studs provide improved alignment of cylinder head and gasket for increased reliability and ease of maintenance. More accurate & consistent torque loading provides a more uniform clamping force on head gasket. Helps prevent blown head gaskets and assures optimum engine sealing.
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  • RIVA Yamaha SVHO F3 Supercharger Impeller - 23 PSI

    This is the ultimate (drop-in) supercharger impeller for the Yamaha SVHO Engine! Designed to deliver huge horsepower and torque gains throughout the RPM range resulting in awesome acceleration and top speed. Precision machined from billet aluminum to ensure exact tolerances and anodized to prevent corrosion. All new blade design is optimized aerodynamically and high speed balanced for smooth operation. Installs easily into stock supercharger hous...
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  • WORX Yamaha Blow Off Valve Assembly

    Our cost effective design BOV will greatly improve supercharger clutch life in your Yamaha 1.8 engine. Kit includes a High Strength silicone hose that incorporates a Billet lightweight “Blow off Valve’, necessary vacuum lines and fittings for install. Easy install to OEM location Lightweight billet construction less load on hose to reduce fatigue and tearing Easy to dissemble for cleaning and maintenance Cost effective upgrade f...
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    Regular Price: $300.00

    Special Price $290.00

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