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  • RIVA / V-TECH Maptuner X Tune Yamaha Bundle

    This is a bundle of the Yamaha tuning credit and the V-Tech maptuner x required to load the tune on your ski, Includes cable needed! This tuner allows you to tune your ski on your own! No more sending in to be service every time you need a different map for your ski. This will literally save hundreds of dollars and hours of shipping time! Works on the GP1800 and skis from 2008 to 2018! Download Instructions here: TR 1 models include: 201...
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    Special Price $999.99

  • RIVA Tuning Credit For Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Can Am, and Ski Doo

    This is a tuning 'credit' that can be used on a MapTuner x for your Spark.  Use the tuner and credit to significantly boost your ski, and atvs performance!   If you have any questions, please give us a call! 888-605-2335
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  • RIVA Yamaha O2 Sensor Mounting Kit, 2012+ 1.8L Engines

    Built to exact OEM specifications our Billet Tail Pipe allows for use of Bosch O2 sensor without modifying the stock exhaust pipe. No drilling, machining or welding necessary. Supplied billet tool enables easy installation and removal of Bosch O2 sensor. Stainless steel block-off supplied for normal riding or racing use. Utilizes OEM gasket and hardware for installation. Machined from billet aluminum and anodized to prevent corrosion. Includes ...
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  • MaptunerX Data Logging Kit

    This kit contains everything you need to log and analyze valuable information from your YAMAHA & BRP vehicles with your MaptunerX (Not included). Application will be activated on your MaptunerX which means that you can use it on all your connected Yamaha & BRP vehicles as long as they have a valid Tuning License. The MaptunerX Data Logging Application is a powerful tuning tool for Yamaha & Sea-Doo. It allows user to record real time ...
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  • MaptunerX Yamaha Diagnostic Cable

    The Maptuner X Diagnostic cable connects to the MaptunerX flash tuner in order to collect diagnostic information from waverunners.
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  • MaptunerX Map Edit License

    The Map Edit License allows you to customize existing RIVA maps within the MaptunerX desktop software. One license is required per vehicle. Adjustable parameters: RPM limit Fuel tables Ignition timing Throttle response (BRP only) Injector scaling (BRP only) Adjustable Yamaha Parameters: RPM limit Fuel tables Ignition timing Energization Time (Coils Dwell Time) Engine Temp Correction Fuel Cut Limit Intake Air Temp Correction...
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    Yamaha SVHO Reflash8650 rpm limitRemove boost limitAdvanced Ignition timing for increase in low and mid range accelerationNew fuel and ignition table for top RPM rangeSuitable for stock and low boost applications up to 14lb with no fuel system modifications80+ mph application with correct stage kitNo engine internal modifications requiredWORX Highly reccommends cooling upgrade (WR04011) for modified skis operating above 8300rpmSuits 98 ...
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  • RIVA YAMAHA SVHO (2014+) / SHO (2011-2016) BAR MAP SENSOR KIT RY11740-MS-3-11

    Do you plan on running over 14.7psi of boost? If so, our 3 Bar MAP Sensor Kit is essential for accurate engine management with high boost applications. High quality 3 Bar MAP Sensor will measure up to 29.7psi, where the OEM 2 Bar MAP Sensor will only measure up to 14.7psi. It is critical to provide accurate pressure information to your aftermarket ECU to ensure proper air/fuel mixture and data logging. RIVA 3 Bar MAP Sensor mounts directly in pla...
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