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  • WORX Yamaha Trim Extension SVHO VXR FX GP1800

    This Yamaha Trim extension has been specifically designed to address the trim issue faced with newer Yamaha models. This trim extension provides a quick and easy solution to the lack of trim range found with OEM parts. Designed to increase trim range, this cost effective upgrade will bring the nose of your ski higher, reducing surface drag and providing an added increase to stop speed. Typically an increase of 1-2 MPH can be found in g...
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  • RIVA Solas Yamaha 1800 Impeller YV-CD-13/18

    Brand : Solas Item #: YV-CD-13/18 - Designed for SVHO engines with a tune The new Solas Concord YV-CD-13/18 blows away the performance of your stock impeller! Large blade area and superior hub design deliver increased acceleration and top speed. NOTE: Designed for use with Yamaha FZR/FZS SVHO & GP1800 models. SOLAS Impellers have a wide range of designs that can increase the low-end thrust and top-end speed of your personal watercraft &n...
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    Regular Price: $316.99

    Special Price $309.99

  • Filter Kit - Works for all PWCs

    This Universal Water Filter/Strainer Kit protects your inter cooler from damage and reduced efficiency due to waterborne debris such as sand, seaweed, grass and pebbles that are sucked into the cooling system. Oversize "Super Strainer" mounts easily inline with cooling system and features clear filter cup for quick visual inspection. Kit includes large high quality marine strainer, stainless steel mounting bracket and a selection of adapter fitti...
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    Our new Performance Ride Plate for all 2019 Yamaha FX models delivers the perfect balance of increased top speed and improved handling in a variety of water conditions. Its race bred design features deep channels for improved acceleration and traction in turns. Provides excellent straightline stability at high speed with reduced porpoising. Easy bolt-on installation accepts OEM speed sensor.
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     Top-Loader intake grate improves hook up and handling in rough conditions. Center wing eliminates prop spin and cavitation found with the stock grate along with the SHO’s tendency to drop on its nose when the throttle is let off at high speeds. Powder coated to prevent corrosion. Fits 2015~14 FX SVHO, 2015~12 FX SHO & 2015~12 FX HO models only. Key Features Include: Dramatic increase in hook-up. Improved top speed in rough co...
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  • Solas Yamaha Stainless Pump liner (Wear Ring)

    160mm size to suit Yamaha SVHO jet unit. - Replaces 6ET-51312-00-00 Solas heavy-duty, 100% stainless steel wear rings/impeller liners are the perfect replacement for your damaged original unit. Durable solid stainless steel construction resists debris damage and saltwater corrosion. Original Yamaha wear ring is constructed of cast aluminum with a thin stainless steel liner that is pressed into place. Corrosion quickly develops between the dis...
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  • RIVA Yamaha GP1800/VXR/VXS, FX 2019+ Pro-Series Sponsons

    Our race proven Pro-Series Sponsons deliver dramatically improved handling & straight line stability with superior fin & backing plate design. Features a cutting edge stepped surface for unmatched control. Bulletproof mounting system utilizes aluminum inserts for maximum strength. Fully adjustable three position fin to control the amount of influence they have on the craft. Easy bolt-on installation uses original mounting points. Includ...
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  • WORX SHO/SVHO 2 deg Trim Wedge VXR FX GP1800

    2 Degree Trim wedge for 1.8 Yamaha SHO/SVHO Jet pumps for increased trim for more top speed
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  • RIVA Yamaha Pump Seal Kit, For RY22070, FX 2012-20

    Dramatically reduce cavitation and prop spin with our easy to install Pump Seal Kits. Location specific, molded inserts fill the voids in pump inlet shoe that bleed air into pump causing cavitation. Recommended for modified craft using aftermarket intake grates. Includes detailed installation instructions. Works with RIVA Top-Loader Intake Grate only (part# RY22070):
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  • ODI Rogue Lock-On Grips, 130mm, No Flange

    Rogue Lock-On Watercraft Grips are perfect for those who prefer a larger grip. Large raised pads and a knurled surface texture offer improved traction and help to form deep grooves which channel water away from your hands. The grips also feature our patented Lock-On technology which provides easy installation and 100% slip-free performance. Shortened 130mm Length Large Raised Pads and Deep Grooves Knurled Surface Pattern for Better Tractio...
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  • OEM Yamaha Pump Bearing and Seal Replacement Kit

    1 x 93306-20654-00 Bearing 1 x 93306-30582-00 Bearing 1 x 93102-31009-00 Seal 2 x 93101-31001-00 Seal
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  • Solas Yamaha YV-TP-12/18 Twin Impeller

    This 160mm twin impeller was designed specifically for racing applications Twin impeller technology dramatically increases jet pump efficiency and hook up over single stage impellers. Impeller was pitched to 12/18 specifications at the Solas factory for increased RPM. Fits Yamaha SVHO models including GP1800, FX SVHO & FZR/FZS SVHO.         
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  • RIVA/Solas Stainless Steel Pump, Yamaha/6ET, 160mm/12-vein

    Our 160mm Race Pump delivers increased acceleration & top speed along with reduced cavitation. Designed for high performance applications that exceed the limits of original pump efficiency. Features computer designed 160mm/12-vein stator section that is far more efficient than stock 155mm/8-vein pump. Constructed of high grade stainless steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance. Utilizes OEM bearings, seals and driveshaft.
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    Regular Price: $999.95

    Special Price $989.95

  • WORX Yamaha FX 12+ Steering System

    * Constructed from Marine Grade 6061 Aluminum for superior strength * Retains original throttle/steering sensors * Designed for racing  * Fits 7/8 handlebars allowing you to select the style of bars that suits your own unique riding style Black anodised
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  • RIVA Stainless Steel Wear Ring for Yamaha 160mm (6ET-51312-00-00) (2014-2019 SVHO)

    Our heavy-duty, 100% stainless steel wear rings/impeller liners are the perfect replacement for your damaged original unit. Durable solid stainless steel construction resists debris damage and saltwater corrosion. Original Yamaha wear ring is constructed of cast aluminum with a thin stainless steel liner that is pressed into place. Corrosion quickly develops between the dissimilar metals swelling the thin liner until it closes down and jams aga...
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  • Yamaha OEM SVHO Jet Pump 2014-2019 99999-04523-00 (6ET-51315-00-00)

    This is the OEM assembly for SVHO engines. Superseded to part 99999-04523-00
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  • RIVA Pump Water Strainer, Yamaha 1.8L HO/SHO

    Billet pump strainer allows installation of a second cooling line for SVHO engine. Larger openings increase water pressure for more cooling to engine. Replaces restrictive OEM pump strainer on SVHO model. Note, fits 2014-2019 SVHO models only. Fit: 2019 YAMAHA GP1800R SVHO 2019 YAMAHA FX SVHO 2019 YAMAHA FX CRUISER SVHO 2018 YAMAHA GP1800 2018 YAMAHA FX SVHO 2018 YAMAHA FX CRUISER SVHO 2017 YAMAHA GP1800 2017 YAMAHA FX SVHO 2017 YAM...
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  • Yamaha bar Extension

    Billet anodized construction Allows fitment of 130mm ODI lock grips Easy install Billet endcap design to prevent grip sliding off if lock clamp fails Included hardware   NOTE: Grips NOT Included
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    Billet Drive coupler for Yamaha 1.8 Engine Fits any 1.8 Yamaha Engine Billet construction huge strength upgrade over stock cast unit Utilises OEM rubber coupler A must for any High Horsepower/ Race watercraft
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  • Worx Yamaha FX 2019+ Sponson Kit Insert Edition Sponsons

    Bored of the way your ski currently handles? Want to corner tighter and faster? Make your jet ski feel like it's turning on rails with Worx Racing Component's WR563-I Sponsons.Made for Yamaha 2019+ FX models, these sponsons have been specifically designed to improve the handling performance of your Yamaha ski. Featuring our greatest adjustability innovation yet with 8 possible settings; you're able to tailor your watercraft's ...
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